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The Roost - Brand Identity, Creative Work

Brand identity and logo design for a local restaurant in Lawrence, Kansas and ongoing support including a Kickstarter campaign, menu design, and various creative work.

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Brand identity for a local restaurant and ongoing support including a Kickstarter campaign, menu design, and various creative work.


Client: The Roost   |   Services: Brand Identity, Commissioned Creativity, Graphic Design   |   The Deli Team: Meredith + Patrick   |   Website:   |   Date: 2013-current


A new breakfast restaurant was brewing in Lawrence, Kansas. We offered our services to help get them off the ground. From initial concept sketches, to a kickstarter campaign, to menu discussions, to opening day, and regularly winning Best of Lawrence Breakfast - this project was quite a ride. We are so happy with what The Roost has become and proud to have been a part of the early stages of this Lawrence staple.

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Menu Design

Once we'd established a look and feel that matched the client's sensibilities and expectations, it was time to apply the brand. We developed internal signage, menus, social media, and web presence for The Roost. The food menus are a real labor of love, needing to be printed one by one. But the thick chipboard provides a warm texture that meshes with the clean interior design, so we wouldn't have it any other way.  

Opening The Roost

The owners were running into major problems during renovation. The old building required a complete overhaul to meet newer health and safety codes, and the money wasn't there. We approached The Roost about running a Kickstarter Campaign, and before you knew it, we'd raised over $20,000 to complete the renovation.

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We developed a story that we felt would show people why this group deserved to open a restaurant in the community. Then we collaborated with some very talented videographers to capture interviews and b-roll footage. For several intense days, we sorted through the hours of raw footage and extracted the clips we needed to tell the story. From Post-Its to Adobe Premier to Adobe After Effects, we pieced together a fun, emotionally compelling story for the campaign. 

As the Kickstarter campaign came to a close and opening day loomed near, we were meeting regularly with the stakeholders involved in opening the restaurant. We used our Design skills to keep everyone engaged and aware of the open tasks that remained in the final weeks and days. 

Brand Maintenance

Our support of the brand didn't end after opening. We maintain The Roost's website, refresh menu designs, design advertisements, create t-shirts, help out on social media, and other odds and ends.