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The Merc Co+op - UX Design

User Experience consulting for The Community Mercantile, a local co-op grocery store; content strategy, website design, and web style guide.

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The Merc Co-op


Consulting for a local co-op grocery store; content strategy, website design, and web style guide.


Client: The Community Mercantile   |   Services: User Experience, Consulting  |   The Deli Team: Meredith + Patrick   |   Date: 2014


The Community Mercantile

The local grocery co-op had just set in place a new marketing strategy guide. This guide was filled with detailed information about their shopper's habits and desires. While their guide was helpful for determining promotions, The Merc needed help envisioning how all of this information would be best translated to a website strategy. 

Web Content Strategy Kit

We met with the stakeholders to make sure we understood the ins and outs of the in-store marketing strategy. From there, we created a content strategy kit to help the client understand the types of content that should be produced to keep their web presence aligned with their in-store marketing strategy. 

Wireframing the new website

While the Content Strategy Kit was coming together, we were using those guidelines to organize content for a new website. The evolving wireframes helped us point out missing content that our client would need to produce, provided examples of how different content-types would be displayed, and informed our developers of layout and page behavior expectations.

Animating micro-interactions

While The Deli Creative was not involved in a development role, we did provide a great deal of visual and behavioral guidance, and worked closely with the development team. Near the end of the project, we were honing in on micro-interactions, like the behavior of page elements when scrolling.