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A collection of process maps and project management related initiatives to improve efficiency and clarity.

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A collection of process maps and project management related initiatives.


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Modes of the UX Process
The six sections of the above map describe modes of the UX design process. This process map is geared towards a specific project involving visibility of a bus rail system. The framework provided could be adapted for any UX project. The second image represents how the design project could be completed in a 12 week timespan. Each section describes some of the methods, activities and deliverables that are included within in the problem-solving process.

KU Marketing Project Process
After the hire of a new departmental director, the marketing office was ready to re-evaluate internal processes and look for areas of improvement. Meredith immediately volunteered to join the committee. The goals were to better understand how the office currently functions, pinpoint areas for improvement, and create an action plan for implementing those changes to the process. Over the span of several meetings, we mapped on the whiteboard all the ways that a project gets started and travels through the agency. 

Next we mapped the ideal process, including meetings, deliverables, templates, and roles that needed to be in place for the process to run smoothly. We drafted an initial process map and discussed the new ideas with the entire organization through a series of small meetings to get feedback. After sign-off, Meredith created the process map above. This example is shown as worksheet that each team member could fill in the "my role" block for every step of the process. The worksheets proved to be very useful in gathering a collective understanding of what each person should be doing throughout the project lifecycle.  


Popstar Networks Adapted Agile Process
Part of life at a start up is organizing methods and processes. During Meredith's time at Popstar Networks, she helped map a process using blue tape and post-its and got six teams on board with a proposed method for moving work, clients, and products through the pipeline. This initiative required detailed listening skills, open communication, and many revisions. Later this process map broke down into smaller sections. The Product Development Process map became the go-to resource for project planning. We modeled Confluence project pages after the process map, spun off a matching poster for the engineering team to better understand the release cycle, and created a giant KanBan board to track work within our iterative and adapted agile system.